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Dental Tooth Implant

For years, men and women have undergone dental tooth implant procedures in order to improve their smile. As dental technology has progressed, different implant types have become available for placement. There are many individual factors involved in deciding what dental implant type is the best option for you. Learning about the different types of implants available will help patients to make an informed decision.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Patients have several options when it comes to replacing multiple teeth. While both bridges and dentures are a popular choice for many men and women, more patients are turning to dental implants. Dental implants, whether traditional or mini, are designed to replace a tooth’s root, effectively creating stable, long-lasting support that is more effective in the long run than other forms of tooth replacement.

One of the greatest advantages that dental implants provide, when compared to other forms of tooth replacement, is safe, effective, long-lasting results. In addition to providing the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants replace teeth without relying on support from adjacent natural teeth. Tooth replacement options such as crowns and bridges often rely on support from surrounding structures, which can degrade a patients oral health over time.

Dental implants are the best option for multiple tooth replacement because patients are left with natural looking teeth that do not rely on support from surrounding structures, which makes for a healthier smile over all.

Single Tooth Replacement

For patients that are missing just a single tooth, the combination of a dental implant with a dental prosthetic such as a crown is the most popular way to fix it. Today, this is most often done with use of mini dental implants. Like their traditional counterparts, mini dental implants consist of a titanium alloy screw, which is implanted directly into the jawbone. Once placed, only the ball-shaped head, known as the abutment, will remain visible above the gum line. It is this abutment to which the dental prosthetic is attached.

Mini dental implants are truly innovative because their smaller size (about half the size of traditional implants) allows patients to replace even a single tooth without relying on support from surrounding teeth. This leaves patients with nothing but a natural look and feel that lasts.