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Dental Implant Prices

Those men and women who are currently searching for a way to improve their smile by replacing missing teeth, may find what they are looking for in dental implants. However, when it comes to both dental and medical patients often make their final decision based on the price. Dental implant prices, while higher than other tooth restoration options, should not ultimately influence a potential patients decision until he or she has all the facts. Dental implantation is one of the most effective methods for replacing broken, damaged, decayed and missing teeth, and provide results that outlast many other restoration methods. Consider all the factors that determine dental implant prices before making your final decision:

Patients overall health:

A patient’s oral health, as well as their overall health, can effect both the implant treatment and its outcome. Patients who are generally healthy and, for the most part, have healthy teeth and gums, will undergo the dental implant treatment with ease. Those that need additional procedures in order to improve oral and dental health will see an increase in cost, but for many, it is still worth it.

Materials used:

Dental implants are comprised of titanium alloy, a metal, which is well known for is ability to fuse or bond with organic material such as bone. Both traditional and mini dental implants are made of titanium alloy, however they vary in size and structure. Mini dental implants typically cost less because less material is required to make them.

Treatment time:

Traditional dental implants often require multiple treatment sessions for successful placement. Multiple visits to the dentist ultimately means a higher cost. With mini dental implants, the procedure is most often completed in a single visit to the dentist, which drastically cuts down on the overall price. When comparing traditional implants to mini implants, the traditional procedure is often also much more invasive, a factor which can also affect overall cost. Dental implant prices will be different for each patient because the implementation and success of this procedure is based on individual factors. Many patients believe that the up front costs are greatly outweighed by the treatments long-term benefits. Do you think dental implants are right for you? Find out more about this innovative procedure today.