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Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant cost is one of the most common factors that influences a patients decision on whether or not to ultimately undergo treatment. Consideration of any dental procedure requires adequate patient research as it can help to educate patients on their options while giving them a better understanding of which treatments will work best based on their individual attributes. Ideal candidates for the treatment will often hesitate because of dental implant cost, however it is important for patients to consider all of the long-term benefits before making their ultimate decision.

Due to advancements in implant technology, treatments have been introduced that are less invasive and more affordable, two factors that have allowed more patients to achieve success. While more affordable options are available, replacing missing teeth is not cheap, and choosing a specific implant procedure based only on the price, for the majority of patients, is not ideal. While some options are more affordable than others, it is important to choose the one that will deliver long-lasting results.

Traditional dental implantation treatments have been available to patients for years, however they are quite invasive and often require multiple visits to complete—factors that all affect overall cost. Recent advancements in implant technology have brought about a new implant treatment option—mini dental implants.

Mini dental implants or MDI’s are quite similar to their traditional counterparts, however their slight differences not only change the treatment process as a whole, but also the overall cost. One of the greatest cost benefits of MDI’s is that patients most often only require a single dental visit—in just one appointment, implants can be placed and patients will leave with a naturally beautiful smile.

Patients also find MDI treatments beneficial due to the fact that they are minimally invasive. The treatment involves small incisions in the gum line, and once the implants are placed, no stitches are required and no downtime is needed. Patients will have immediate use of their implants upon leaving the dental office.

Patients can always continue living with an imperfect smile, but leaving damaged and decayed teeth alone will only lead to additional problems down the road—which will most often end up costing more in the long run. Dental implant costs may sway your final decision, but be sure to have all the facts as well as knowledge of the long-term benefits before choosing your treatment.