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Dental Implants California

Dental implants in California are an innovative procedure that aids adult men and women in replacing broken, decayed, damaged and missing teeth. While there are a variety of dental treatments available today for the replacement of missing teeth, few offer stable, long lasting results like dental implants. If you currently live in California and are suffering with an imperfect smile, dental implants may be just what you need. Learn more about how this revolutionary treatment can perfect the smiles of those with missing teeth, ill-fitting or unsightly crowns or bridgework or old loose and unstable dentures. Dental implant treatment will be different for each patient depending on many factors including which implant dentist you visit, the amount of bone you have available, presence of infected teeth and even your overall health status. Most dental implant dentists in California place the implants in several stages and involve multiple visits although in some occasions, immediate implants and teeth or dentures may be placed in a single visit.

The Dental Implant Procedure in CA

All dental implant treatments in California should begin with a dental implant consultation; often a free dental implant consult is offered by dentists in California. At your initial visit the implant dentist will assess the proposed implant treatment area, determine the health of your surrounding teeth and take a look at the condition of your jawbone often with an x-ray. A minimum quantity and quality of bone are required for successful implant placement and sometimes this is determined with a 3D x-ray called a cone beam CT scan. Dental implants stabilize dental prosthetics like crowns, bridges and dentures through precise placement in the jawbone. If it is determined that not enough surrounding bone is present in the jaw, bone grafting or bone augmentation procedures may be needed prior to implant placement. Small diameter or mini implants may be used as in certain situations as an alternative to bone grafting.

Once it is determined that a patient is a proper candidate for dental implants in California, the implant treatment is then scheduled. The dental implant procedure begins with local anesthesia only and a punch of gum tissue is removed or an incision is made. This exposes the bone below. Once exposed, a specialized series of drills are used to create a single hole for each implant to be placed. The implants are inserted in the osteotomy (hole) created and a small wrench is used to drive the implant into place. Many styles and types of implants are available and used for various applications. It’s important to pick an implant dentist in California who uses implants in the office daily. Choose your city below to find a great dental implant dentist in your city.

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